This is a long one folks, sorry : )

On Friday we took our babymoon to Chicago. We'd booked into a nice hotel, thinking it was our last chance to splurge. Anyway, when we checked in the concierge said they had some info they'd like to share with us and handed over a letter detailing their recent legionnaires outbreak that had seen 'a number' of guests fall ill between July and August. They'd indentified the source of the outbreak as being in a decorative fountain in the lobby, and the same bacteria had been found in the spa, pool and locker rooms. The fountain had been removed, the other areas shut off, and the department of health had now declared them safe.

But I was defo not happy! The concierge could tell by the look on my face and answered my questions about air conditioning and showers but I was really uneasy. We'd pre-paid and we don't know Chicago at all and didn't fancy trying to find somwhere else late on labour day weekend so we carried on with check in. Then, in the room, we turned on the TV and it was all over the news, and we learned three guests at the hotel had died.

I couldn't relax all weekend, and hated taking showers. I feel like I have taken risks in my pregnancy, but educated ones, and they are risks I've CHOSEN to take, knowing the facts. In this instance, because we weren't pre-warned, I feel I didn't have much choice but to take this risk and so feel quite guilty I could have put the baby in danger.

On check out, I explained this to the concierge and said I wish they'd told us before we arrived then we could have found somewhere else. He was really good at explaining their stance but I still feel like I should put my complaint in writing. In my opinion, they should have notified us and given us the choice of cancellation.

Am I being harsh? Should I just drop it? I don't want compensation from them, I just want my concerns to be taken seriously - and I guess relieve a bit of my guilt at putting the baby in danger.

What would you do?