Short version: for those of you whose kids had variable interest in potty training, did something like the 3 day method work best or did gradual training work best?

Long version: DS is 3 and we previously did 1-2 months of potty at daycare, at home, undies after daycare, etc. With good success and sticker/treat rewards. He peed at daycare at least 1-2x per day then at home reliably but he was still in diapers 80% of the time. Then sickness hit, travelling, move up to the preschool room 3 weeks ago, etc. And we totally fell off the wagon out of convenience/laziness (bad mommies) Now DS is very resistant to even sitting on the potty at home, hasn't gone at daycare since moving to the new room, etc....I'm afraid we missed our window.

I am SO done with diapers and he starts school in September (late birthday in Canada) so I'm starting to feel the pressure. I want to do cold turkey but I'm nervous we will be forcing him and it will be a battle. We will be home for 3-5 days after Christmas travel and I want to just bite the bullet and do it but for some reason this seems like a huge thing I could mess up (or have already messed up by not forging ahead before) I've been reading a lot of old threads but I still don't know what to do! I really don't want to traumatize him but I'm also beyond ready to get this over with.