I might be asking the impossible, but I thought if anyone would know of such a thing, it might be you guys. My old fossil cross body purse just broke, and while I could fix it, it got me thinking about what I actually WANT to carry. I hardly ever use the diaper bag except to bring in the car with me-I don't carry it. I would love to find a purse that could function as a multi-use bag for everyday use. This is what I'm looking for:

-Brown leather
-big enough for a purse and a couple diapers and wipes, maybe a sippy cup.
-if I could slide my macbook pro in too, that would be even better
-cross body or at least come with a cross body strap-critical with two one-year olds.
-love the fossil style, so something like that would be nice. I just can't find exactly what I'm looking for on their website.
-under $100 would be great.