My poor LO (1 month) has a horrible case of baby acne plus cradle crap all over his face, scalp, neck, etc. He's red, scaly, and dry all over. I called my Ped and he said it's prob a combination of all those dermatitis combined into one. He said not to be too alarmed but to keep him well lubricated. We've tried the following products: Cetaphil moisturizer, Kiehl's baby, Vaseline, baby oil.

He looks so uncomfortable and so pitful. There's not a spot on his face that isn't red, bumpy, and raw looking.

Any product recommendations that you swear by and how long did your LO have this?

Also he hasn't had a bowel movement for 4 days, my Ped said if he doesn't have one by tomorrow to give him a call. He's been passing gas like crazy, but no poop. Any advice for constipation?