We just got back from 10 days in Mexico. It was fabulous except that on our second-last day, my wedding and engagement rings were stolen from our room (I know, I should have had them in the safe, but our safe was broken and getting it repaired seemed like a hassle and I’m trusting). Now our insurance company is saying that we have max coverage of $5000 on jewellery, which won’t cover the engagement ring, never mind it and the wedding ring plus the silver Tiffany ring that was also taken. Anybody have any advice or suggestions for negotiating with the insurance company, or the hotel (they basically shrugged and said that they weren’t responsible for anything not in the safe), or anything else? I’m so mad - I actually went back to the room that morning because I’d forgotten to tip the cleaning lady, and she was there so I said hi and gave her some money, and obviously I don’t know it was her but....I mean, it was probably her - I kept the rings hidden in the same pocket of my carry-on every day, so it would have been pretty easy to poke around. Sigh.