Bubs is 4 months (18 weeks). She was IUGR so she's only 11lbs 4oz or so, but she's super alert and wiggly, loves to laugh at the baby in the mirror, and can squirm her way all over her crib. She's not rolling yet. She does push down on her feet if you hold her up, though. As a reflux baby, her tummy time when she was littler was pretty restricted to on our chests because it bothered her so much, but she's doing better now and we have a lot of open time on the floor to practice moving. When she does tummy time now, she just "supermans" and doesn't really engage her arms at all. She does have good head control, though, and she's also getting really good at reaching for toys and bringing things to her mouth with control. I will bring it up at her 4 month well baby which is a little late coming up on the 24th, but just wondering if we should be concerned yet or if there is any more we can do to encourage her besides just keep playing and giving her space. I've also asked daycare to focus on tummy time with her.