I just booked a last minute tropical vacation for our family (DDs ages 2, 4, and 6) the week before Christmas. Currently the girls don't know, and I think they're going to be sooo excited.

The week before our trip, I've signed up for our local police force to accompany Santa to our house in a police cruiser and deliver a present to each of my girls (provided by me). I thought, as an adult, how cool it would be to wrap up something beachy and a pretend plane ticket, and tell them about the trip this way. My husband did this for me one Christmas pre-kids...he gifted me a suitcase, and inside were tickets for a New Year's trip! However, I'm not sure the kids would really understand, and I'd have for them to be disappointed that they didn't get a toy from Santa.

What do you think? Is this a fun "reveal", or should I just wrap up a toy for Santa to bring, and think of another creative way to tell them they're going to the Caribbean?