I want to cut down on my girls’ screen time, but I’m having trouble figuring out activities/things for them to do in the morning when I am getting ready for work, throughout the day on weekends, and in the evenings when I am prepping dinner or cleaning it up (I only do a very basic clean up after dinner to get food off the floor and things into the fridge, and finish everything else after they are in bed). A lot of screen time during weekends and evenings seems to also stem from them being sleepy (4 y/o just dropped most naps), and at other times it’s often because they are 21 months and 4, and not necessarily doing a lot together. I’d love to sit down and do a craft or build a magnatile creation with DD1, but I constantly have to step away to attend to DD2. DD1 often thinks of creative games to play (last night she created a beach in our living room) but has a melt down if DD2 wrecks part of it. I feel like I am constantly telling DD1, “just a minute, DD2 is [going potty, wants something, doesn’t want to play].” DD1 is a very, very good kid and it’s rrally hard to put her off because DD2 is more difficult.

Does anyone have tips for independent activities the kids can do? I’d be very open to any “kits” I could arrange ahead of time and pull out.

Also, this is only a winter time issue for us. After school/daycare in nicer weather they just play outside. The weather has been particularly harsh where we live this winter.