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Did you throw up during labor?

  • poll: Did YOU throw up while in labor?
    Yes : (42 votes)
    49 %
    No, and I didn't even come close : (26 votes)
    31 %
    No, but I almost did/dry heaved/was really nauseous : (17 votes)
    20 %
  1. Sweet T

    pomelo / 5321 posts

    I didn't and I was so grateful! Throwing up is the worst!

    I ate some yogurt, fruit, and walnuts before getting to the hospital. I was also allowed to have liquids throughout my labor (juice, broth, water, etc.)

  2. LAGS

    clementine / 916 posts

    I threw up right after they broke my water. I threw up with such force that I started bleeding and baby's heart rate dropped. I had pushed her way down and they think it ended in a partial placental abruption. Also, the cord was around LO's neck so it might have yanked a little tight at that time lowering her HR. Yay puking!!

  3. matador84

    papaya / 10547 posts

    I kept feeling it come up because I was pushing so hard!

  4. Weagle

    coconut / 8498 posts

    I didn't and never felt like I was going to. I ate quite a bit during early labor because I expected it to last a really long time.

  5. HLK208

    pineapple / 12234 posts

    Yep, on DH

  6. bschus

    coffee bean / 31 posts

    Nope! I ate a pretty big meal in early labor, and even with pitocin (no epidural though) I never felt sick to my stomach.

  7. sorrycharlie

    hostess / watermelon / 14931 posts

    I should add that I ate half a digiorno pizza right before my water broke, and delivered 4 hours later - it didn't come back up!

  8. photojane

    cantaloupe / 6164 posts

    @tororojo: i've been hospitalized for kidney stones a few times, and i throw up every single time. i guess i can count on throwing up during labor too!

  9. betsyboop

    nectarine / 2886 posts

    I worried a lot about this but I never threw up during pregnancy or while I was in labor. I ate a meal while I was in the early stages of labor but sonehow the food stayed down!

  10. tequiero21

    honeydew / 7966 posts

    i didn't eat anything after midnight, had my c-sec at 6pm and i still threw up!

  11. woodentulip

    persimmon / 1343 posts

    I did 5 times during my first labour (that was about 6 hours long), but with the second (that was about 1.5 hours total from beginning to baby), I did not!

  12. luckypenny

    grapefruit / 4582 posts

    No. I kept saying I was going to bit never did. DH on the other hand....lol he puked quite a bit

  13. Mrs Green Grass

    pomelo / 5550 posts

    I threw up a couple of times before I got my epidural (I think - it's all a little hazy). I was already not allowed to eat.

  14. erinpye

    pomegranate / 3702 posts

    I had a VERY sick pregnancy and was sure I'd throw up in labor, but I didn't even come close. I also ate about 5 hours before delivery. I got an epi for my last 1.5 hours of labor and did get the shakes from that though.

  15. jackieomy

    olive / 74 posts

    I threw up three times, mostly Popsicles and bile. Each time signaled a significant change in labor.

  16. cvbee

    nectarine / 2039 posts

    @tororojo: and @ladyfingers
    As awful as this sounds, kidney stones do prep you a bit for being in labour. I threw up with all of my kidney stones and I did with labour too. Difference: with the kidney stones I NEED pain meds, and I made it through birth without meds.

    PS. For the food question. I ate at 12:00, threw up at 4:30pm and gave birth at 8:30pm. And then I wasn't hungry til the wee hours of the morning.

  17. tororojo

    grapefruit / 4666 posts

    @cvbee: That's good to know! I've heard people say that the experience is good prep for labor but most people who have told me that don't have experience with both. I know that I hate morphine, hydrocodone and phenergen from my kidney experience--if labor pain gets too bad, I want an epidural, not IV meds!

  18. runsyellowlites

    coconut / 8305 posts

    Yep! Twice. When I switched from prodromal labor to active labor & when I hit transition.

    I welcome throwing up in labor though b/c I know it's good for helping dilation..... so puke away! lol

  19. tororojo

    grapefruit / 4666 posts

    @runsyellowlites: Really? That's good to know, I'll keep telling myself that!

  20. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @luckypenny: oh know!!! that would have made me upset I think

  21. luckypenny

    grapefruit / 4582 posts

    @Coco Bee: lol it's okay! It was out of nerves. We lost DDs heartbeat twice and nurses came in, I was hysterical, everyone was yelling, etc... he went into hall bathroom and cried hysterically and threw up he was so nervous to loose both of us awwww

  22. Mrs. Pen

    blogger / wonderful cherry / 21616 posts

    @luckypenny: awwwww that is soooo sad!!!

  23. Bluebonnet

    GOLD / persimmon / 1380 posts

    This is fascinating. I was so sick my first trimester and I had ms in my third trimester, but I was not nauseous during labor. I didn't know people threw up in labor.

  24. StbHisMrs

    pomegranate / 3329 posts

    @cvbee: @tororojo:
    This is an old thread sorry for bumping!
    I had kidney stones twice while I was pregnant, had to have pain meds both times. I dry heaved the second time (kidney stones in my opinion were worse than actual labor). I did not get sick during labor, I was induced, and had eaten breakfast.

  25. cvbee

    nectarine / 2039 posts

    @StbHisMrs: Love that you are bringing this back. Kidney stone mamas unite. I had back labour, so pain was a pretty close call between the two but I definitely threw up more times and worse with the stones (you know, when you are throwing up for the millionth time and it's just stomach acid or whatever that green stuff is? yeah, for giving birth it was just a normal 1 or 2 throw ups and over with).

  26. tororojo

    grapefruit / 4666 posts

    @StbHisMrs: @cvbee: That's such a relief! I was so scared to eat w/a kidney stone because everything came back up and I went through a million vomit bags. Maybe I'll get lucky and not puke so much during labor.

  27. Mrs.M57

    kiwi / 515 posts

    Nope, at my intake the nurse told me, to ask for Zofran ASAP, bc I would probably need it. So, I did and was so glad I did, bc even with the Zofran I got pretty nauseous a couple of times!

  28. sarac

    pomelo / 5093 posts

    I did near constantly. I still think it's stupid not to eat - it didn't make a difference whether or not I had, and I needed all the energy I could muster. I tried to choke down some soda even while I was vomiting just to not have too low bloodsugar.

  29. tororojo

    grapefruit / 4666 posts

    I'm scared of Zofran...it works well for my nausea but I think pooping will be scary enough after delivery without added constipation! I guess it's better than puking nonstop.

  30. Springtime

    pomegranate / 3204 posts

    I didn't but got extremely nauseous they gave me zofran


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