This has me stressed.

Some background: There are a group of 14 local moms, all with first born kids born between April and November of the same calendar year (2015). There has been a lot of potty training talk lately and it's making me feel like I'm/DD is behind or something (bear with me here...). DD is 27 1/2 months presently (I had to count that one). She's been interested in the potty since February or so of this year. She will also pee (only pee, never poop) on the potty - particularly at daycare but also at home (but hit or miss some days at both). Around early August, I think, we bought some underwear, DD was super excited so we were like okay, let's try this. Daycare was fine with it - often had pee accidents, sometimes didn't. But we went on vacation mid-August (maybe 2 or 3 weeks after starting this?) and it was just accident after accident, not wanting to go when asked, etc. So I threw my hands up and said nope, not doing this now. Since then, she will still pee (again, hit or miss, depends on her mood), wears pull-ups with little interest in underwear (except mine or if I put a diaper cover bottom on her, which she will call underwear). Oh, and never ever poops in the toilet, despite reading Bloop Bloop book over and over (her request!).

So this is where I'm at... Is everyone else's kid ready to potty train and mine isn't? Do they *think* their kid is (just like I did) but maybe not? I just feel behind in some ways and I don't want to compare but it's hard not to.