Hi all! I'm traveling with my 3 year old and 10 month old next month. We'll be flying (Southwest, through moderate sized airports) and then staying in downtown Portland (so if you have any suggestions on that point, that would also be awesome to hear!) for a few days. Initially, I had thought of just bringing one stroller (with board attachment for toddler) and a carrier for baby. I'll still be bringing my carrier, but considering her weight (she's a big baby!) and the heat, I don't think I can handle wearing her for more than 30 or so minutes at a time and will need to rely more on the stroller usage. Which means toddler would be on the board while baby in stroller....the board is kind of uncomfortable for longer walks for me and her. I knock into it all the time, and she has stand basically still for the length of time that she's on it.

So at this point, I'm considering either two single strollers (husband pushing one, me pushing the other) or our double stroller (which is Mountain Buggy, so fairly compact for a double). I think both options are allowed on Southwest for gate check.

Any opinions on what would be better for airport and city explorations? The main reason I'm considering the double stroller is b/c my husband tends to be more pokey on vacations and I like to get up early and walk/explore, so I thought the double would allow me to do that more easily with the girls if he wants to sleep in. And it would be less "stuff" to drag around. But obviously double strollers are bigger and may be harder to maneuver around town than a couple of singles....

Clearly, I'm over thinking this as a way to procrastinate at work! Thanks all-