We'll be traveling to Japan later this year. My boys will be 4 years old and 19 months old at that time. My question is about strollers.

Currently, we have a single City Mini stroller. My 4 year old will often ask me to carry him when he's tired, and therefore, I'll have my 4 year old in the stroller and my 15 month old in my arms. That's why I'm looking into a sit n' stand stroller.

While in Japan, I know we'll be doing a lot of walking, so I'm thinking both kids will be wanting to sit in the stroller or be carried. I was only going to bring an umbrella stroller, but now I'm looking into the sit n' stand stroller. Although, I know it can be bulky while traveling.

Any mamas out there travel with 2 young kids and need a stroller? Any tips? Maybe my DH or I will carry our 19 month old on our back and have the 4 year old in the stroller.