Long story short, we will most likely be "moving" to Europe (we're fairly sure it will be Barcelona) for about a year for my husband's job, and I'm sorta stressing out about kid and baby gear, the biggest one being the stroller. By the time we leave, my son will be about 3 1/2, and we are expecting #2, who will be about 6 or 7 months old when we travel there.

Unfortunately, I don't yet know what kind of neighborhood we will be in. But more likely than not, we will be doing most of our transportation either on foot or with public transit (subways and buses). I've always lived in a small walkable town and don't have much experience hauling kids through public transit, so any tips or advice on what stroller you'd recommend would be SO helpful!!

I am a big fan of baby wearing and did it a lot with my son for his first 18-20 months or so (wraps, ergo, WCMT...etc), so I'd kind of envisioned that #2 would often be worn, and I could push the older one or he can walk if absolutely necessary and it's safe. I'm really not sure I want a massive side by side double stroller because I just think it will be a pain in the neck for me. Maybe a tandem one? Plus, the price - yikes! We currently have a single bob jogging stroller, plus the adapter for a britax carseat. I'd be willing to consider taking just that stroller on this trip. Do you think that's the best option? Or should I invest in something entirely different?