As of yesterday I can officially say that I am back to my prepregnancy weight! Woot Woot! I had figured I was since I didn't fit into any of my pants but hadn't seen a scale since right after P was born 9 months ago so I didn't know "for sure".

I'm technically 2lb "heavier" BUT I'm definitely bigger in the breast since I'm still breastfeeding so I attribute the poundage to that.

I'm SO excited! I never got back to my prepreg weight after G so this is a first for me!.. and I didn't even have to exercise... thank you elimination diet and breastfeeding! Once P turns 1 and I'm not so super protective of my supply I'll start toning up.... hopefully by then I'll be even smaller! =)

ETA: Oh.... I thought I should add that I gained about 60lb during pregnancy... oooooh yea.