I'm now going crazy about the dress I'm going to wear for my friend's wedding. I've read that they fit SMALL! Like, really, really small. According to one of the reviewers she fits an 8 but ordered a 10 just to be sure - it didn't fit. She claims she would have needed 2 sizes up to zip it fully, she's a 36C!

That would mean:
36 C = 14
38 C = 18 W
. . .

That's not close to what their sizing chart says! They only sell these dresses online, so I can't actually try them on and I won't have that much time to order a new one if the first one doesn't fit because I'll be flying in not that long before the wedding.

Has anyone bought any of these dresses? How many sizes did you have to order up? My breasts are measuring ridiculous right now and the according to that girl's review I'd have to order a ginormous dress. I'm also thinking about changing the dress to what's more forgiving to wear. I may wear a borelo on top, so imagine little straps to hold up the strapless dresses.

So I guess this is a 2 part post:
1) If you wore a Target dress, how do they fit? How many sizes did you buy up?
2) Please vote on what dress is more forgiving, not just size-wise but one that's more flattering of post-baby chunks.