Ugh. I just need to vent since there's no one I can tell IRL besides DH. I'm a teacher, and I've been with my district for 2 years. It's a special ed co-op that supports surrounding districts. There's been a bunch of restructuring in the districts, and now there's going to have to be some RIFs (reduction in force, basically getting laid off). I was told a couple months ago that there was a tiny possibility that I'd be RIF'd, but that I shouldn't worry at all. We had decided like 4 months ago to start TTC #2 this month, so we decided to go ahead. We just tried for the first time *last week* and now I found out yesterday that I'm probably getting laid off. There's an opening in another school in the district, but there are a bunch of us internal candidates who are applying, so it will be very competitive.
So now I have a week left in my TWW where I have to start applying for other jobs having no idea whether I'll be having a baby halfway through the year. Plus, if I start in a new district, I won't be eligible for FMLA. To make matters worse, it took my husband 3 years to get on board with having a second kid, so I really don't want to wait longer if I don't get pregnant this time (plus, I'm 38). Ugh. This stinks. I wish I could tell my HR guy and program supervisor, hey, I really need to get this internal candidate position because I might be pregnant