LO1 has always been an aggressive, physically active child.
For months before LO2 came, we tried to talk about, teach, and model "gentle hands" and "hands are not for hitting." We have used time-out consistently, while talking to him in timeout and using the same phrases. We got him a baby doll and tried to model/practice appropriate behaviors. We read books and watched Daniel Tiger's episode.

LO1 is 2y2m and LO2 is almost a month. He has been hitting her more and more - like, whenever he is around her. I try to block him but it's hard when I'm nursing her and have one hand/arm busy. It doesn't SEEM to stem out of jealousy, it seems to be from over-eagerness..... it starts with curious looks, "hi baby", waves, then pats, then... hits.

We had to keep them physically separated for week 2 & half of 3 because LO1 got RSV. They are separated most of the time due to childcare and her napping in our room, away from the living and play rooms. Will maybe things get better as he gets more used to her? It's so hard though, I want to keep her separate to keep her protected!!

All advice / ideas welcome and maybe please tell me it will get better.... if it is true.

Also, we aren't a spanking family but gosh I see why people make that choice now.