DD caught HFM disease :crying:. What started out as just a fever and no visible symptoms except sores inside her throat when we were at the doctor's yesterday, has gotten worse. I know there isn't much we can do, and even the ped and literature she gave us made it seems like it's not really worrisome about spreading, like it's too hard to isolate and most kids will just get it once. BUT, we have a 7 week old baby too! I'm terrified that he will catch it. I'm a SAHM and no help around. DS is leaving work early to come home and help, but he can't take that much time off work.

Now DD is extra clingy, crying, inconsolable at times and just wants mom to hold her understandably. She has started forming blisters on her hands and feet now and scratching her feet. I'm so scared the baby will get it! My hands are practically raw from washing in just one day.

Does anyone have some advice and/or experience? Is it really easily transmittable, like her feet and hands touching things and spreading the virus too? If she touches my face with her hands, do I need to wash my face? I have the baby constantly bopping his face on my face too. The ped told me it's only transmitted really through saliva, but I'm not sure. She is also a thumb-sucker, which is really not helping the situation. I feel just miserable and can't imagine a whole week of this... feeling so hopeless.