I searched old threads but can’t find what I need in one post.

Headed to CA with DH, 5 & 4 year old and 9 month old next week. I haven’t had any time to plan much at all!!

Plane: 4.5 hours fly time with one plane change. I’ve only planned on bringing my kids fire tablets to keep them occupied with headphones. Do I need more? They have never been on a plane so I think the novelty of that alone will entertain them.

Do I need/should I even attempt anything for the 9 month old? Lap child.

What is best way to sit on plane? 2/3 split?

Disneyland one day & CA another day. We bought parkhoppers with max pass. Will bring double stroller. I have the DL app. I know crowds will be crazy but I want to just roll with it! I follow MGKingdom mamas on IG and feel like they have good tips. We are staying with family who lives close to Disney.