How well does your LO sleep while traveling?

Mine is a great napper/sleeper in general but HORRIBLE while not at home we usually bring our own crib. the first night at a strange hotel is always super challenging- with us rushing him to bed at regular hours 7:30pm thinking he must be very tired, but he won't sleep at least until 9:00pm, and usually later! Between 730-930 It would be a series of chatting, singing, requests (to get water, milk...etc), to full on tantrum and meltdown. We always go from telling him to go to sleep to sternly warning him to completely ignoring him even if he melts down (becuz the more we try to help him to sleep the more awake he gets).

We always have to pretend to sleep at 7:30 and sometimes we would be asleep while he is still up and talking. Argh

Its been like that since we first travel when he was 4 months. He is now 2.5 years old.

In fact, I am in one of those nights. Sigh.

When will this ever end?

Any tips would be lovely too.