So, I am kind of in tough situation. I am a student teacher doing my final year senior internship. I am trying my best to make a good impression on the school administration and faculty in hopes that I will get a job there next school year.

That being said, it is taking every ounce of patience in my body not to freak out on a fellow teacher (full time faculty, not student teacher). This lady feels the need to inspect my lunch on a daily basis. She constantly makes comments about how horrible I am eating. She makes me feel like a horrible mother because I drink gatorade, crystal light in my water, fat free turkey dogs, and pizza. She makes a snarky comment about my lunch at least every other week.. It drives me crazy!

I eat pretty healthy most of the time but it is unrealistic to eat healthy all of the time--especially when I am limited to a 20 minute lunch break. Even if I was throwing back Taco Bell every day though, it really shouldn't be any of her business.

What should I do? It makes my blood boil every time she says something. At first, I was just too shocked to say anything back. Now, I have to hold back the snark. The problem is that have to work with this broad every day and I don't want any drama/conflict because I really hope the school offers me a job.

My last day of internship is April 26th. Should I just force myself to endure her comments until then or I should tell her to keep her opinions to herself?