Nov 2015: IUD pulled
Feb 2016: Unexpected BFP
Mar 2016: Miscarriage
-- 12 months of infertility, a diagnosis of unexplained infertility, one clomid + IUI cycle, and one clomid + TI cycle --
Tonight: 13dpo --> BFP!

I think this is due to Murphy's Law:

1. We skipped IUI this month because the timing did not work out. (We would have had to cancel our son's third birthday party to do it.)
2. My husband left today on a mountaineering trip with no cell service and won't be back for two days. I took the test 40 minutes after he called to say goodbye for the weekend and has not responded to any messages.
3. I went to a work dinner last night and drank a bunch of wine.
4. I had a ham sandwich for lunch.
5. I took the test 10 minutes after ordering sushi delivery. They refused to cancel my order. So I guess my 3yo is going to eat all of my sashimi. I ordered pizza for me!

I hope this is a sticky baby!!!!!