I have a baby pool and baby splash pad/sprinkler that I really want to set up for my almost 1 year old and 3 year old to use. My grassy front yard is slopped so it’s tricky to set up there. My backyard is mostly pavement (the grassy part is also slopped with a steep drop so we fence that off from the kids). I think our older daughter would be fine with the set up in either location but since our youngest is still a little unsteady as a new walker, I feel like either location is tough for her to maneuver. She’ll trip more on the sloppy front yard than smooth pavement but it’ll hurt more to fall on pavement. So I was thinking of adding some waterproofed playmats under the baby pool and splash pad and setting it all up in the backyard. Anyone done this before that can suggest easy and quick to dry mats? I know most playmats are usually waterproof but I think that contemplates more drool and dropped sippy cups not hoses and pools so I’m worried that much water will cause mold or other issues.