Religion is a very touchy topic, so I hope this is just a constructive discussion! Please don't criticize other people's personal beliefs in your comments.... hopefully we don't start fighting

I was talking to my friend last night, and both of our LO are of the same age (20 months). Long story short, we are both more of an atheist, with some Christianity background. Lately she is starting to study about Buddism and going to a Unitarian church which she likes.

Then she asked me, what will you teach your LO about religion? She also said that is the reason why she is studying about Buddism and going to the church she is going to, because she wants to know what to teach her child when he is older.

For me, I told her I will tell him the story of "4 blind men going to an elephant", a Chinese idiom story, that 4 blind men went to feel what an elephant is. They were at different parts of the elephant so they felt completely different things. Afterwards they discussed what an elephant is like. One said the elephant is like tree trunks (he was at the elephant's legs), One said it is like a wall (he felt the elephant's body). The other one said it is like a snake (elephant's nose)...etc. Then they fought because of the disagreement. I will tell my LO that God is like the elephant and the rest of us are the blind men. My theory is we don't have the capability and brain power to comprehend and understand what God is, so it ends up we probably all believe in the same thing, except we interpreted it differently - so different that we went to war with one another because of that. This is what I believe in (I do believe in a God, but not what people told me what it is), and he should feel free to explore religion on his own.

I do admire people with a religious background, who would take their children to church every Sunday and have a spiritual life and build their personality and moral standard with the base of religion. I envy that but that's probably not what our family will do.

For my fellow "atheists": What will you teach your LO about religion?