I was recently gifted a Medela Swing breast pump.

After doing some reading, I am not sure this would be the best pump based on reviews and potential amount of use!

It is still sealed and returnable, I also have a $250 giftcard for BRU I could use if I return the swing, and use that returned amount, plus gift card, and purchase either a Freestyle or Pump in Style, (or??)

I have a coupon for a free medela bf'ing starter kit ($125 value, I figure I was going to buy it after getting the Swing?) if I purchase the Freestyle -not sure if that's any incentive to go that route!

I am currently ebf'ing with a 3 week old, getting to a point where I am in awful pain, and d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e to be able to catch a break and "get away" for more than an hour or two. Mentally I am very 'over' bf'ing for the pain and feeling chained to LO, and not opposed to the thought of exclusively pumping (I thought that's what I'd do pre LO arrival!) I hope to pump to build a decent stash, and of course this is our first baby, so future use is quite likely!

PS I don't mean to sound so awful when I say chained to LO! DH is not home a lot, so when I can catch a break.....I want that break and don't want to feel there are limitations to it!

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!