I can't believe I'm posting a third time in a week on potty training - so I'm sorry in advance for being "that person".

So DD is doing well commando under her shorts. We basically did Oh Crap PT. Now the author suggests commando for a couple weeks. I'd have no problem with that except - next Tuesday she starts back at daycare. Did anyone who did commando to start with send their DD or DS to school commando for any length of time?

I don't want to put her in pull ups at school -- seems like a regression. But I don't think undies will make accidents any less messy for the daycare teachers. Daycare told me last week when I called that pull ups or undies were my choice and they would support that. But I didn't think to ask about commando. So before I make a fool of myself if that is RIDICULOUS - opinions?

Oh - and she is only sort of good at pulling up her pants and really not great at pushing them down. Often she is more interested in me doing it. I kind of want her to master the shorts before we add another layer...right?