I don’t know what we’re doing wrong...
DS has been taking 1-2 hours to go to sleep at night. He’s not at all upset. The opposite actually. He can be super fussy, but as soon as he’s in his bed he’s a happy camper. He just talks to himself. The only thing in the bed with him is his pacifier.
7am(ish) - Wakeup
12-2 - Nap
7pm - Bedtime

He barely makes it to his nap. Whenever I put him down for nap he’s asleep within 5mins. We’ve tried pushing bedtime to 8pm and he still is up chatting for a long time and still woke up at 7am.

He’s not upset by any means. I just feel bad letting him lay there. But I feel like extended bedtime doesn’t work either Is this normal?