So, I don't know if this is anything to worry about or not. My 3yo has always been a kid who chews/sucks on his fingers/hands a fair amount, but I would say it has gradually gotten better with time. In the last few weeks, he's started doing it more and more. I went with his daycare class on a "field trip" (not really a field trip - more like a walk through campus - the school is on a university campus) and the whole time he had his hands in his mouth. Gross.

And today his daycare teacher told me he is really chewing on his hands nonstop, to the point they have really noticed it.

I have asked him if his mouth hurts or his teeth hurt (he says no). He turned 3 in August. I took him to the dentist in August and they said he didn't have any cavities.

He does still use a pacifier at night (I know, shame shame!) - I am wondering if maybe that has something to do with it and feeling like a super bad parent, I should have gotten rid of it a long time ago. But he's a pretty high strung child and it calms him down SO MUCH at bedtime. He is extremely attached to it. We have a 5 month old who is up all night and I just cannot deal with messing up my 3yo's sleep as well.

Or maybe it is some kind of sensory seeking behavior? IDK. Would you take him to the pediatrician or dentist to get this checked out? Or wait it out? I am not sure what to do. Or maybe it's nothing to worry about?!?