Wondering if anyone here experiences/has experienced vertigo and may have some advice.

My husband has been struggling with semi-regular “episodes” since March, and although he’s been to the ER twice, our family doctor twice, and an ENT specialist, they are still occurring every few weeks or so. Generally they are relatively short lived, and don’t involve the intense nausea I have heard many people experience, but they are starting to take a toll
on him emotionally and mentally, as he never knows when the dizziness will hit.

He hasn’t been able to identify a “trigger”, but has experienced some episodes while sitting in shallow water in a swimming pool or getting out of a hot tub. He has also woken up several times in the middle of the night and then been extremely dizzy for several hours.

Not really sure what his/our next steps should be, as any tests he’s had (including a CT scan) haven’t revealed any possible causes. Should he be pushing for more testing (maybe a neurologist?), or could it just be something he’s going to have to live with?