I'm in need of some much needed advice from the wise hive. I live on the top floor of an apartment building. The tenants downstairs are great and we get along fine but aren't social/friends. They are smokers and since we moved in always smoked outside in their yard. Occasionally we would get some smoke smell drifting in but it was rare and they were outside so I never said anything. Ever since the polar vortex, they have started smoking in their apartment. It literally smells like they are smoking in OUR apartment every single night. My husband wants to talk to them. I think we should, as well, but I also feel like it's their right to smoke in their home. Just like it will be our right to have a crying baby at all hours of the night one day. My DH's argument is that a crying baby doesn't affect their health. We just renewed our lease and we truly love both our home and location.

So basically, what would you do? How would you approach the situation. I really don't want to have any animosity with my neighbors. Sigh.

Thanks Bee's!!!