I've read lots of posts here about everyone's experiences post D&C. It's been so helpful to know the range of what to expect, so I wanted to thank everyone for writing out their stories.

I'm going back for a second ultrasound for my missed MC this Wednesday and am planning to schedule a D&C as soon as possible. However, we're supposed to be going camping with 3 other families this coming weekend, from Saturday to Monday. It's only about an hour away from our house. Is it totally crazy to think that we can still go if I'm able to schedule the procedure for Thursday or Friday? I want to still go as a good distraction and would hate for my family to miss it, but I'm worried about the real bathrooms being a bit of a hike if I start bleeding a lot or passing tissue. Two of the families will know what's happening with me, so they can always jump in to help with our DS if needed. There's such a wide range of experiences post D&C, that I have no idea if I'll be okay or not. Thanks for any input!