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  1. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    @mdf106: haha. Yeah, I'm actually 17 and a half weeks already, but this is my first time. And, I've totally been wearing maternity jeans for the past month, but they are the same style I would normally wear, so I don't think anyone would have caught on.

  2. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @MrsKRB: @mdf106: Ooh, yeah, maybe the people I tell can just tell other people for me, that would be good haha.

    @Lahela017: I took forever to show with my first, definitely past 20 weeks. I thought this time it would happen a lot sooner, but it seems to be taking awhile again. At my appointment last week, the nurse found the baby's heartbeat pretty far down, so I'm assuming she's just chilling down low and not popping up much yet

  3. Plainpistachio

    cherry / 106 posts

    Anyone feeling movement yet? I'm 17 weeks and I've been feeling this kiddo for weeks now. He's just getting stronger! He's a wiggly worm all day long.

  4. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    @Plainpistachio: I'm jealous! I'm about 18 and a half weeks today, and I 'think' I feel baby move, but I'm not sure. Probably because it's my first time, so I don't know what I'm looking for?

  5. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @Plainpistachio: I am only 15 weeks, and I tend to feel movement pretty late. I had anterior placentas with my previous two pregnancies. I never felt little movements, my first kicks were jabs both times. The first time, I did not feel movement until really late, 23-24 weeks. With my second I felt movement at about 19 weeks.

    I am enormous, I am already having people ask me if I'm pregnant based on appearance.

  6. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @Plainpistachio: I'm 18 weeks and for the past week or two, I've been feeling little pops and taps. Not super consistent, but it happens! I didn't really feel much until later with my son, but I know that's typical in first pregnancies vs. second-plus.

  7. Plainpistachio

    cherry / 106 posts

    @Lahela017: I feel it the most when laying down in bed, especially after I turn over. It's like he's tumbling to the other side, haha. Early on it just feels like roller coaster butterflies, but as he gets bigger/stronger, to me it literally feels like a foreign object is moving and wiggling inside you. Stronger than gas movements or muscle twitches, but similar in feeling.

    @MDF106 my friend had anterior placentas and she said the same thing. And nice! My belly only just popped! It still could pass off as a big lunch though.

    @MRSSCB I felt my first at 16 weeks, which also really surprised me with how early. Then this time around I could swear to you that I felt tumbling butterflies at 12-13 weeks. Since then the movements only get stronger.

    I'm still really surprised it's so early. When I was in 3rd trimester last time his movements were so big that someone in a meeting once saw my belly move when they were talking to me in their peripheral vision, lol. My husband would also often witness the large movements while we were on the couch. I tend to not grow very huge outwardly, maybe something about how my uterus sits contributes to the strong movements.

  8. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @mdf106: same!!

    I’m feeling little movements usually first thing in the morning and at night, but at my anatomy scan they said the placenta was ‘up top’ (whatever that means) so I might not feel much.

  9. mrs. eagle

    coffee bean / 32 posts

    @mrskrb - so sorry for the late response, it's been a crazy few months. I wasn't quite on board for #3 just yet, but my husband and oldest daughter had been hinting at a third kiddo for a while. I'm 16 weeks and I still don't know how to feel about it. I think it's because it took me a while to find a new doctor and I've had intense morning sickness with this pregnancy. I'm ready to feel better already.

  10. rockinghorse

    cherry / 192 posts

    Omg guys. I'm 17 weeks today, and thought my energy levels were getting better, but I'm so tired! I feel like I need to be in bed at 7 every night! Anyone else still struggling?

  11. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @rockinghorse: yeah, I’m 18 weeks and no second wind yet... I’m actually lying on the couch, and I want to go to bed. But I’m too tired to get up 😂

  12. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @mrs. eagle: so sorry you haven’t been feeling great, both physically and emotionally. I hope things turn around soon

  13. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @rockinghorse: have you had your iron checked?

  14. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @rockinghorse: I am only 15 weeks, but I have not had a significant improvement in energy. I also have some lingering nausea, although it is pretty mild. I feel like being less busy and stressed is what would help, but I have two children who keep getting sick and a stressful job.

    @mrs. eagle: I hope you feel better soon. How old are your children? I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old (3 in January).

  15. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    We have the anatomy scan tomorrow. I’m excited but nervous!! Has anyone already decided or been thinking of names? We haven’t really had any discussions yet...and it took forever to name our son 😬

  16. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @MrsSCB: well I found out what we are having, but my husband doesn’t know. We had 3 girls names and 3 boys names, but now I don’t like any of the girls names we picked! I like the name Molly right now, so hopefully he likes it when she is born 😂

  17. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    @MrsSCB: Good luck with your scan! I have mine Wednesday. I'm super nervous, but excited. We should be able to finally find out the gender then!

    We have names picked out pretty much. We have a girl name we are both on board with, and two boy names we both like, just haven't made the final decision.

  18. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @MrsSCB: My anatomy scan isn't for over 3 weeks, and we will find out the sex then. We have not discussed names this pregnancy, but we have previously agreed upon a middle name for a girl. For a boy, last time we were deciding between two first names, and I would be happy to go with the one we didn't use, unless someone comes up with a better idea. I would be happy to wait until we know about the sex to have a serious name discussion. With my first we decided on the first name before I was pregnant, and decided on the middle name at the last minute, but it was between two fairly similar names. With my second, we decided between two first names and two middle names at the last minute. My husband and I tend to generally have similar taste in names (traditional) but have different approaches to naming after people.

  19. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @MrsSCB: how did your scan go?!

  20. rockinghorse

    cherry / 192 posts

    @MrsKRB: They did a blood count at my first prenatal, and I was borderline anemic. They had me start on iron, which quite honestly, I sucked at remembering to take. They aren't redrawing it until at least 24 weeks, so they are having me take the iron twice a day. I'm sure that is what it is, I just hope the iron helps.

    How exciting! We are approaching anatomy scan time! Mine is next week Wednesday, and we will find out the gender then. We are doing a mini reveal session for our parents that weekend, just have them over for dinner and get some kind of reveal desert.

  21. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @MrsKRB: it went well! The radiologist has to write up the “official” report, which will take a couple days, but the sonographer said things looked good, so hopefully we won’t hear anything major! She weighs around 11 oz 😊 here’s her little profile. And I love the name Molly!

    So exciting that a few of you will be finding out the sex soon! I love how careful everyone has been at all our appointments since the NIPT. So many nurses and the doctors have asked first thing if we know the sex, I guess they’re anxious about spilling the beans to the team green people, haha.

  22. mrs. eagle

    coffee bean / 32 posts

    @mdf106 - Wow! Our kiddos are almost similar in age. My oldest turned 5 in July, and my youngest is 2 (she'll be 3 in February).

    @mrsscb - Thank you! I feel better this week, and I'm hoping it means things will be start to get better.

    My anatomy scan is tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous to see how things go. I received a call from my new OB this evening and she told me that my quad screen test came back abnormal for down syndrome and that she will be referring me to see a specialist. I don't really know what to think about that and honestly don't know what to feel just yet. I know that there is a chance that this is a false positive, but I can't help but think of the "what if's". Any other bees receive a false positive?

  23. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @mrs. eagle: my NT scan bloodwork and quad screen test both came back for high risk of downs, but I had the Counsyl chromosome tests which came back negative and I guess overrides both the others.

    @MrsSCB: what a cute little face! I didn’t get a good shot like that because she had her head turned.

  24. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @MrsKRB: thank you! It was funny because she was kind of curled up and facing my spine. So the tech had to really push that wand all over my belly to get any good shots. I think this one was pressed into my side, haha. Little troublemaker already!

    @mrs. eagle: I’m sorry, that sounds stressful! I hope the specialist can ease your mind with a plan on how to proceed to find out more info. I imagine they may suggest an NIPT screen, or a CVS/amnio to be sure. I’ll be thinking of you!

  25. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @mrs. eagle: Wow, remarkably close! I don't have personal experience with the screening tests, but they are designed to have a high false positive rate.

  26. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    @mrs. eagle: So sorry you have to deal with this added stress! I hope you can get whatever extra scans you need soon so your mind can be eased. Thinking of you!

  27. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We finally had our 20 week scan last week before the holiday and found out it's a girl! She's measuring right on track and was weighing about 12 oz.

  28. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @Lahela017: yay! Lots of girls this month!

  29. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @Lahela017: Fantastic news!

  30. rockinghorse

    cherry / 192 posts

    @mrs. eagle: I have heard of a ton of false positives, which is why we decided not to even do the screen. I get stressed out enough as it is when I am pregnant! I'm sending you lots of healthy vibes!!!

    We also just had our 20 week scan, everything looks good. And we found out we are having a boy! I was so sure it was going to be a girl, I was kinda taken aback when we found out. I just had it in my head that DD was going to have a sister. I don't want to say I was disappointed, because truly all I wanted was healthy! I guess I was just suprised is all. And as more time passes I get more into it

    They are also talking about having me do more ulrasounds because of my history of intrauterine death and preeclampsia, but I hate doing so many if I feel good and feel movement. Maybe I will agree to one more, unless of course something weird happens. Sure would be nice to have a problem free pregnancy!

  31. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @rockinghorse: Fantastic news!

  32. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    @rockinghorse: I'm glad everything is going well for you so far!! We were also really surprised when we found out the gender. Not disappointed or anything, but just very surprised. It took a few days for our emotions about it to settle; I think that's normal!

  33. rockinghorse

    cherry / 192 posts

    @mrs. eagle: I have been thinking about you! How did your anatomy screen go?

    @Lahela017: Glad I'm not the only one!

    I've been having these weird waves of a strange feeling in my stomach. I hadn't thought too much about them. But then today I have had a couple. I bet I'm having Braxton-Hicks, but I didn't have them with my previous pregnancy, so it was such an odd feeling. I'm trying to drink more water now that I think I know what is going on, and if I have any more today I am going to send a quick message to my OB I guess.

    Also, I'm lactating. I realized I was leaking a very small amount yesterday, and I was able to express a drop when I was trying to figure out what was going on.

    Anyone else having any weird symptoms? I guess they aren't weird, but different than my previous pregnancies.

  34. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2430 posts

    @rockinghorse: nothing super weird, but I have been getting nosebleeds which is very annoying!

  35. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4991 posts

    @rockinghorse: I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hicks! Does your belly tighten and get hard? I had them with my son, but it’s noticeably worse this time. My OB said it’s normal to have more in second or more pregnancies, but to call if you have six in an hour.

  36. rockinghorse

    cherry / 192 posts

    @MrsSCB: It does, which I didn't notice until I got the "weird feeling" and though, "oh, is this a contraction?". I guess now that I know what it is, the "weird feeling" does feel like a tightening in my belly above my belly button. Thanks for letting me know what your OB said though! Definitely have never had more than 6 in an hour!

    @MrsKRB: This pregnancy and last I didn't have overt nose bleeds, but when I blow my nose there is usually a little bit of dry blood.

  37. Lahela017

    cherry / 198 posts

    Nothing too strange happening for me, which I'm thankful for. I worry enough as it is! I'm actually feeling pretty good right now. My only complaints are that I'm dealing with dry mouth and getting up more during the night.

  38. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    @rockinghorse: I am not having any really weird symptom, but I am very tired. I had a cold last week, and my cold symptoms have gone away, but not the tiredness. Even before this pregnancy, I could express a little milk if I tried.

  39. mrs. eagle

    coffee bean / 32 posts

    @rockinghorse - I think it went well. We had trouble getting pictures and measurements because baby was moving around a lot. We have an appointment with a geneticist and fetal medicine doctors next week. I'm nervous about it, but I am thankful that we will have answers soon.

    The only weird symptom I have had since getting pregnant has been a stuffy nose. I've tried multiple things to help and brought it up with my dr who said it happens to some women. I'm hoping it goes away soon.

  40. mdf106

    clementine / 753 posts

    I had my anatomy scan. Everything was measuring well, I am so relieved. And it is boy number three for me.

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