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  1. Lahela017

    cherry / 133 posts

    @MrsKRB: Oh no! That's no fun, but I'm sure baby is fine.

    I feel like I'm just in a holding pattern. I don't have another appointment until Oct 1 when I'll be 13 weeks (we are going on vacation for two weeks at the end of the month, so this is really my "12 week appointment"). It seems like forever away, and I'm worried something will go wrong and I just won't know for a month. Ugh. Also, the nausea has really kicked in. I haven't actually thrown up yet, but I'm so sick. Between that and the fatigue, working full time is really tough.

  2. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @Lahela017: the first trimester is really the worst!

  3. mdf106

    kiwi / 722 posts

    @MrsKRB: That is no fun, I hope you are feeling better. My nausea got worse starting yesterday, and is continuing today. I still have almost two weeks until my first appointment. I am really dragging at work. At least the weather seems to be cooling off.

  4. mrs. eagle

    coffee bean / 29 posts

    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to see that a board for April 2019 babies. I'm still in the process of accepting that I'm pregnant. I had a dr's appointment a few weeks ago for a regular checkup and had my dr run a pregnancy test (urine). It was negative. I decided to take test a few days after because I still felt sick and it was positive. So I'm still feeling some shock and have yet to call my dr with the update.

    Location: Arkansas
    EDD: around April 15th
    How far along: I'm guessing 8 weeks.
    First child? Third
    First doctor appointment: I should probably call my doctor.
    Any symptoms so far? extreme nausea and fatigue
    Who have you told? my husband is the only other person who knows so far.

  5. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @mrs. eagle: wow! Did you eventually want a third or did this come totally out of nowhere?

  6. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @MrsKRB: Ughhhh that's the worst! If it's any comfort, I had some kind of horrible stomach bug or food poisoning around 14 weeks with my son--I had to go in to get fluids and meds, it was awful. But everything pregnancy-wise was totally fine! I was nervous about it, too, at the time, and they were very reassuring.

    @mrs. eagle: Yay, welcome!

  7. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @MrsSCB: thanks for saying that! I keep reading about how some can cause miscarriage, but it was really only for a day so hopefully everything is ok! Can’t wait for my 12 week scan in 2 more weeks!

  8. Plainpistachio

    cherry / 103 posts

    @MrsSCB I'm sure everything is good. I had a stomach bug 2 weekends ago that I got from my toddler. I was worried too but at my 8 week scan, strong little heartbeat. I only threw up twice but they were vicious, I had sore abs the next day, lol! I was worried because I thought I must have some kind of crazy HG beginning, because I was so sick and so wiped out. Then when I felt better I realized what probably happened.

  9. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    I feel like my lower abdomen is a bit sore. I mostly notice that if I rub my hand along my lower belly, it’s almost like sore muscles. I assume maybe it’s things stretching, but anyone else notice this? I think I’ve forgotten everything about being pregnant 😅

  10. Lahela017

    cherry / 133 posts

    @MrsSCB: Yes!!! I noticed this same thing yesterday and was about to google it this morning! haha! It seems to be totally normal.

  11. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @MrsSCB: no, but if I sneeze when I’m in a weird position or ma be to quickly, it hurtsssss!

  12. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @Lahela017: Glad it's not just me! I guess a lot of things are shifting around in there, haha.

    @MrsKRB: omg, yes. If I feel a cough coming on, I have to get in a good position for it or I get that round ligament pain!

  13. rockinghorse

    cherry / 175 posts

    Ugh you guys, I'm so tired! I work part time and am in grad school full time, and I just felt over done when my alarm went off at 5 am. I took a sick day from life (as much as one can) today. I still had DH take DD to daycare, and I just layed around. (And did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, studied, did some laundry. Let face it, mom's don't have time to lay around all that much.)

    And a couple of you have talked about the nausea where you are hungry and nauseous at the same time. That's definitely what I have going on. And then I try to eat, but I can only eat a little or I feel sick.... And heartburn? Forget about it. I'm already on Nexium 40 mg in the morning. I'm sure by the end I will be on 40 mg twice a day.

    It is interesting, the first time I was pregnant I felt like my whole life revolved around pregnancy and babies. I thought about it 1000 times a day, did all kinds of reading and research. I was pretty much obsessed. This time I think about it, and know I am, but it is way more low key. I don't have my first ultrasound until next week (10 weeks), and I am just like, OK, no prob.

    Anyhoo, boy, I can't wait until the second trimester! I hope my symptoms improve and I get a little life back in me!

  14. mdf106

    kiwi / 722 posts

    @rockinghorse: I am also exhausted, I think that is the worst symptom. I work full time (well slightly more than full time, but better than my last job) and am with my kids when I am not working, which is often more tiring. I have a cold, which is not helping the exhaustion or the nausea. I was on a prescription for heartburn even before getting pregnant (this time, I did not need it before I had any kids), but fortunately so far it has not gotten much worse. The only problem is that drinking water at night really triggers my heartburn, but sometimes I am so thirsty I need to drink some. I am still very nervous about my ultrasound next week (at 8 weeks), especially because of my age (38).

  15. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @rockinghorse: The exhaustion this time around is SO much worse than I remember! Probably because I'm either at work or in parenting mode, I guess, but it's rough. I'm 10 weeks now, though, and I do feel like it's been tapering off a bit. So I'm hopeful the second tri will bring at least a little more energy! I'm glad you got to take a day to relax, hopefully that helps a little.

  16. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @rockinghorse: I second the exhaustion, but on the bright side I’m 11 weeks today and I’m feeling much better so there is light at the end of the tunnel! I’m also not as obsessed with this pregnancy, I actually forget that I am a lot. I think I just don’t want to get my hopes up until the 12 scan!

  17. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    My 2 year old spilled the beans to her Daycare class, I didn’t think she would really care about it but I guess everyday she’s been telling her teachers that she has a baby sister 🙈 speaking of sister - who is team green vs finding out? My dh does not want to know, so I’m going to find out and hopefully keep it a secret!

  18. rockinghorse

    cherry / 175 posts

    @MrsKRB: we will find out.... I am way too much of a planner! I'm curious too because the Chinese gender predictor has been spot on for me and 4 of my friends. According to that we are having a girl

  19. Lahela017

    cherry / 133 posts

    We'll find out the gender. I asked my husband if he wanted to know, and he got really confused and asked why you wouldn't want to know. I tried to explain to him being team green and the the surprise factor, but he just didn't understand. haha! I'm glad we are on the same page though. There is no way I'd be able to handle not knowing.

  20. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @MrsKRB: Definitely finding out! I'm planning to do the NIPT at our 12 week appointment, so then we'll know shortly after that. With my son, we did an elective ultrasound at 15 or 16 weeks. We're impatient

  21. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    I am way too impatient too which is why I need to know even though dh doesn’t. I don’t understand team green, is a surprise either way haha

  22. mdf106

    kiwi / 722 posts

    @MrsKRB: We will find out. We found out for our first two, and neither of us has a desire to wait.

  23. mdf106

    kiwi / 722 posts

    One baby, measuring right on time with a good heartbeat.

  24. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @mdf106: Yay, congrats!

    I was just talking to the nurse at my OB over the phone, and I asked if I'd be doing the NT scan at my next appointment (12 weeks). She said, "No, they don't usually do another ultrasound then unless they can't find the heartbeat. But you will schedule your 20-week anatomy scan." Um, what?? That's news to me... I did mention we plan to do the NIPT blood test, though, so maybe you just need one or the other? I believe the NT scan looks for physical markers of what the blood test is testing for, so that makes sense. But damn, I'm disappointed, I thought we'd see the baby again next week!

  25. MrsKRB

    nectarine / 2396 posts

    @mdf106: yay!

    @MrsSCB: oh no! My ob doesnt do it standard either, but I requested it so go to the hospital to have it done. That seems strange that they don’t offer it, how do they make sure everything looks normal?

  26. MrsSCB

    grapefruit / 4879 posts

    @MrsKRB: I believe what they look for in the 12-week scan is basically what they’re testing for with the NIPT blood test—chromosomal defects, etc. So I guess they don’t need the visual if they’re testing the blood? Kind of a bummer to not have another US until 20 weeks, though. They will still listen to the heart at least.


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