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  1. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    A little worried over here... I’m 6 + 1 and just noticed a small amount of red blood when I wiped and a little bloody discharge. Emailing my doctor to see if I can get in sooner but really stressed at the moment. I had this at 7 weeks with DS but it’s frwaking me out right now because my pregnancy symptoms have been so mild thus far.

  2. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @Mrs. K: hope they can get you in to check you out and provide reassurance. The exact same thing happened to me this time at around that time, a bit earlier so it was too early to see anything. I have had more bleeding issues every time I have gotten pregnant. It’s very odd.

  3. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @Petitduck: it’s completely nerve wracking... have they offered any explanation why? Last time they told me it could just be from the attachment of the placenta but who knows 🤷‍♀️ All I know is that I was hoping I wouldn’t have to deal with bleeding this time again and I thought I was in the clear but nope.... going to call them during my lunch in a few minutes to see what they say. I doubt they will even make me an appt because in the last they’ve just told me that if I’m miscarrying then there’s nothing that can be done to stop it.

  4. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @Mrs. K: in my last pregnancy I had pretty wild implantation bleeding (thought it was my period) and then had spotting from 4.5-6.5 weeks when wiping. I was told after an early ultrasound at 6+5 that it was from a small hematoma. This time I had worse implantation bleeding and then it stopped and then I had cramping and half of day of bright red bleeding I. The morning and bloody brown discharge until lunchtime and I took myself to the er for an ultrasound the next day (at 5.5 weeks) to rule out ectopic. Was given no reasons from the tech or my doctor as to why. The er doctor told me threatened miscarriage which I expected them to say. I was just more wanting to ensure it wasn’t ectopic.

  5. Mrs Hedgehog

    pear / 1812 posts

    @Mrs. K: I just went in for blood testing today for the same thing. I have been cramping too. But they said with how insanely gloated and gassy I am (gross) that it's a good sign. Hopefully they are able to get you answers quickly!

  6. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    @Mrs. K: hope it’s nothing! I bled several times (lightly) with my first, and a little early on with my second. I know it’s so nerve racking!

    So, this pregnancy is definitely different for me. I’ve never had such bad nausea or aversions, and I have been craving fruit candy for days. I can’t even decide what kind of candy, but my husband just left to go pick up a bunch of different kinds lol.

  7. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @LAZB: I feel good every morning when I wake up, but by lunchtime I start feeling crappy and I’m ending up feeling nauseous in the evening and bloated. Weeks 5-7 I could barely peel myself off the couch/floor from tiredness. New for me in pregnancy symptom world.

    And my other random thing is in the last week I haven’t been able to wear my glasses without getting a bad headache. I’m basically blind so this is problematic. I have contacts, but can’t wear them all the time. Have to see the optometrist I guess.

  8. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: @LAZB: @Petitduck: thanks for the reassurance ladies! They got me in and I was able to see baby on an ultrasound. Everything looks normal for where I’m at and I even got to see baby’s little heart beating I also did some labs so hopefully Monday they’ll be able to confirm my betas trending upwards

    Keep us posted on your labs! @Mrs Hedgehog

    @Petitduck: that really sucks about not being able to see!! I’ve heard your vision can change during pregnancy. Hopefully some new contacts will help!

    @LAZB: I’m with you on aversions... nothing really sounds good to me except unhealthy food 😂

  9. Mrs Hedgehog

    pear / 1812 posts

    Anyone so stupid bloated they look way more pregnant than they are? Like... I'm not this pregnant and I am actually trying to keep it to myself a little longer so... If you could go back down that'd be great.

  10. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11318 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: yes, I am so bloated!! The top of my stomach is pushed out like crazy, which has zero to do with a baby that is the size of a raspberry and lives about a foot lower down!!

  11. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    @Mrs. K: I had a small spot of red blood this pregnancy as well. Have you had sex recently. Mine was from that I think. I spotted brown after that for about a week.

    I definitely have some bloat!!! Its my 3rd baby and all my fluff is being pushed upward. I find out possible gender of the baby today from sneak peak!! I'm excited.

  12. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    Definitely bloated, it totally looks like a legit bump even though it’s obviously not lol

  13. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @cyoung: no we haven’t BD’d so it kind of just started on it’s own. I am hoping the labs give a good indication, along with the ultrasound. That everything is ok.

  14. cake2017

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: I have so much bloat too. I guess it’s normal? I don’t remember having it with my 1st though.@Mrs. K: I’m glad everything is okay. I’ve been MIA on here. I’m sure it was comforting to get checked out and hear and see the heartbeat. Our first appointment is next week. Anxious and excited.

  15. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @cake2017: good luck at your appt! Keep us posted on how it goes.

    I’m not nearly as bloated this time around but had a lot of bloat with my first.

  16. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    Do any of you ladies have a feeling you know what you are having? I have a very strong feeling our nugget is a boy.

  17. Mrs Hedgehog

    pear / 1812 posts

    @cyoung: I always had strong feelings with the first two and was very wrong both times. Lol. I'm hoping for a girl but feel like it will be a boy.

    I will say that I am OVER this nausea. Like, everything makes me sick. Eating, not eating, boring food, spicy food... Toast made me puke. Burgers with half a jar of pickles though.... I could gorge myself on those.

  18. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: yeah I'm fianlly over my food aversions. I used to able to only eat potatoes. I still can't eat grilled chicken though.

    I was correct with my first two. Also my best friend has guesses the gender of 11 different pregnancies and she has been correct each and everytime. She also guess my first two. Its kinds creepy how spot on she is. She thinks this baby is a boy as well. We will find out in a week or two I think.

  19. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    I had strong feelings and was right with all of my first three. This is the first time I’m not feeling a strong inclination, but I’m leaning towards boy. I’d love either, but want another girl a little more (mostly because I never had a sister and I’d love to give my dd that), so maybe I’m trying to prepare myself by assuming it’s a boy.

  20. smuckers

    apricot / 250 posts

    @cyoung: I also have a pretty strong feeling that it's a boy, but I felt that way with my DD, too So, we'll see.

    @LAZB: I feel the same way! I always wanted a sister, and oh goodness would I love to give my DD one!

    @Mrs Hedgehog: I HEAR THAT. I've officially reached the point in my pregnancy/morning sickness where DH just says "Buy whatever food you can eat and keep down most of". This happened with my first pregnancy, too, but it thankfully ended quite abruptly at 12 weeks. Actually, I had an appointment last time at 10 weeks, and talked my way out of a Zofran prescription/HG diagnosis. It was the peak of my MS; I was keeping down about 30% of what I was intaking, and intaking about 25% of what I had been pre-pregnancy (lost 15lbs in 3 weeks). I asked them to please please let me just wait a week more, with the promise that if it got even 1% worse I'd call in for the prescription. All that to say that basically my timing is lining up again. I'm 8 weeks along and having trouble keeping most food down/motivating myself to eat (unless it sounds REALLY delicious). It will probably get worse before it gets better, but worth it in the end.

  21. Mrs Hedgehog

    pear / 1812 posts

    @smuckers: I had HG with #1 and it was miserable. I had to keep Zofran on me like it was a lifeline. I mean, it basically was. I wound up begging to be induced a week early just for the misery to stop. I narrowly avoided IV a few times.

  22. smuckers

    apricot / 250 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: Yeah, I'm really really REALLY lucky that I just had first trimester MS, not actual HG. I'm hopeful that that is the case this time, as well. The worst trigger for me with DD was, of all things, water. Like, it may as well have been ipecac. That doesn't seem to be happening this time, but maybe I just have better control/know how to cope.

  23. Mrs Hedgehog

    pear / 1812 posts

    @smuckers: my biggest trigger was either being even the slightest bit hungry, greasy fried foods, or big movements. Cars were misery. Water felt too basic but any acid would set off my heartburn and thus, make me sick. I barely ate with her. With #2 I wound up with GD so it was a "fun" change of pace being required to eat on a schedule. I'm still waiting to see what this one ends up as. Probably GD again (once you get it, you are forever doomed usually) but I'm hoping to skip the HG alongside. So far so good. I feel "normal" sick and not HG sick.

  24. smuckers

    apricot / 250 posts

    @Mrs. K: How are you doing?

  25. MenagerieMama

    persimmon / 1445 posts

    @cyoung: I feel like it’s a girl. I keep referring to it as a her. But I also have 2 girls so that’s just what I know! I think we also want to try and not get DH’s hopes up for a boy. Though I actually want another girl. I’m loving the sister dynamic!

  26. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @smuckers: I’m good! Got my betas from Friday and and today which show a normal increase and ultrasound ruled out ectopic. I got to see (but not hear) baby’s heartbeat morning sickness kicked in over the weekend but it sounds like you have it way worse than I do- so sorry!! hope it doesn’t last longer than first tri for you!

    As for having a feeling about boy or girl, I guessed right with DS and I’m guessing this one is a girl (because I want another boy and just feel like I’m going to get the opposite of what I’m hoping for 😂) healthy baby of course is what I hope for the most.

    I have an interview tomorrow. Hoping something lines up for me and DH soon because I don’t think interviewing while 6 months pregnant is going to work in my favor...

  27. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @Mrs Hedgehog: hope your morning sickness stays at a minimum!!

  28. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    @Mrs. K: that's good news!!!! We want another girl but I'm pretty positive it's a boy which it totally fine. I'm already looking at boy things. Lol

  29. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @cyoung: I can’t wait to find out what your sneak peek predicts! You will have to update us!

  30. smuckers

    apricot / 250 posts

    @Mrs. K: Awesome news!! Boo that you're having some morning sickness now, though. You're very sweet to feel sorry for me and my MS, lol. Honestly, it's really not as bad as it was with my DD (that or I'm just remembering it wrong). I'm consistently able to keep down carbs for now, so when I do eat, I'm trying to do those. Unfortunately, I'm not able (almost at all) to take my prenatal (immediate sick). Looking forward to being able to take it again, it makes me nervous not to do it.

  31. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    @Mrs. K: will do for sure!!! I actually was supposed to get them last Saturday but my sample apparently clotted too much. They had to resend another test. I get priority however this time.

  32. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    I have no clue what we’re having. For our second I was 100% it was a boy and found out it was when he came out and was peeing on me. We’re team green again.

    I came in to say that I found baby’s heartbeat with my doppler at home today, in about 30 seconds. I thought I found it yesterday, but wasn’t 100% so today I made sure to record so I can just listen to it whenever I want. My midwife will try at my appointment on Thursday, but she didn’t find my other kids’ at my 10 week appointments so I wasn’t holding my breath. Im Starting to actually feel excited and that this may really happen.

  33. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    @Petitduck: that’s awesome! I get my Doppler back from my friend tomorrow, and you better believe I’ll be looking for the heartbeat!

  34. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @LAZB: 🙂

    Good luck! I went and rewatched YouTube videos and googled how early I would be able to find it. Haha.

    I tried twice briefly on Saturday and couldn’t find it. And the yesterday I only found it for a second or two so couldn’t be sure and it didn’t register the beats on the screen. I found it around this time with my second too. It’s cool!

  35. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    I’m loving this early pregnancy “diet”. Even though I’m nauseous, and all I eat is bagels with cream cheese, pb&j, and sweets, I’m down 6.5 lbs lol. It’s all going to come rushing back soon, but the nice compliments I’ve been getting are awesome.
    Saw the little babe again today, it looked a lot more baby like, so cute! Measuring right on track at 9+1 and HB of 174.
    I’m going to get my blood work for panorama done next week, and hopefully find out if it’s a boy or a girl shortly after!

  36. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @LAZB: who needs a Doppler. You have a sweet ultrasound! Haha. Are you getting them weekly throughout the first tri?

    I have been able to start eating again in the last week or two so now I’ll have to start watching what I eat.

  37. cyoung

    cherry / 186 posts

    I used to have a doppler but I have no idea where that thing went. I would buy another but I think they cost way more then they did 3 years ago. Also I just dont want to spend 50 bucks on it. Idk if i find a good deal maybe I'll get one.

  38. LAZB

    GOLD / pomegranate / 3156 posts

    @Petitduck: lol, the ultrasound is sweet, but it’s my last for a month, so the Doppler will tide me over!

  39. Petitduck

    apricot / 283 posts

    @LAZB: too bad! Haha. Maybe give your bladder a break from holding pee for an ultrasound!

  40. Mrs. K

    apricot / 303 posts

    @LAZB: that’s great news! Adorable ultrasound pic! So much more baby like at this stage! I’m still at 6 weeks so mine is still very much alien like atm....

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