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  1. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    Baby arrived 7/25! I had an amazingly uncomplicated scheduled c-section and I feel really good physically already. Having some baby blues but hopefully they'll be done soon.

    Baby was born 10 lb, 8 oz (@ 37 weeks!!) and he's doing great

  2. Ml123

    apple seed / 1 posts

    Did you guys see this? It looks SO much better than the hospital underwear. I feel the need to share with every pregnant person I know. What took so long????


  3. Petitduck

    kiwi / 624 posts

    @DillonLion: congratulations! Glad it all went well and the csection went well because he was so big. That could have been a scary vaginal. I’m so looking forward to baby snuggles. It seems so far away.

  4. Petitduck

    kiwi / 624 posts

    @Ml123: these look quite cool. I’m trying to figure out what to get for myself pp. I don’t think these are available where I live so I’m contemplating depends but don’t know how to choose.

  5. cyoung

    apricot / 469 posts

    After a long hard labor and an emergency csection Rebecca Marie was born 8/1/19 at 2:22 AM. She is 8lbs and 8oz and 20 inches long. Her head is 14 inches!!! She is so sweet and just one of the most relaxed, alert babies I've ever seen. We love her so much. I failed to progress in labor because she kept going oblique and couldn't drop. I dilated to a 9 and labored 17 hours.

  6. DillonLion

    GOLD / eggplant / 11517 posts

    @cyoung: sweet Rebecca!! I love her outfit!!

  7. Petitduck

    kiwi / 624 posts

    @cyoung: I commented on your other thread, but congrats again! She looks so sweet.

    Also, how did you know she was oblique? What does that feel like? My baby’s head isn’t engaged and is posterior, but also feels oddly positioned.

  8. cyoung

    apricot / 469 posts

    @Petitduck: I had a feeling cause her butt was always off to one side. If also hurt/ I would cramp where my opposite hip and ovary area was. Sure enough my doctor found her in that position during the c section. She would go head down but would shift over to being oblique a lot. So it honestly was just a weird unusual situation.


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