Hi everyone, does anyone have experience with the Merlin sleepsuit? We have tried about everything for baby. He will be 5 months next week. He use to do okay with the swaddle but now breaks out from it. He also jerks his legs or has the up and down in the middle of his sleep. He’s a big boy so inwas looking at the above and it goes to 21llbs. He’s 18 pounds! I am looking for something that will help him stay comfortable and sleep in his crib as well. abe wants to be held all night. I also would like to use something for sleep teaching down so he can self soothe. We have used the zippadee,swaddle me,woombie and they didn’t work. I’ve heard of Halo but i feel like he will still wake himself up right now with his legs!

Any suggestions/feedback please??!
Thank you