Hi, Bees! My DS is 10 weeks old and struggling to nap without his swaddle at daycare. Poor LO has the sniffles and a cough, too (I think it's daycare crud; no fever), which isn't helping, but he's super struggling to sleep without a swaddle. He wakes up within minutes of being put down, sleeps maybe an hour a day cumulatively, and comes home EXHAUSTED.

He's in a temporary place right now, moving to his regular school and classroom next week, where they'll use white noise and a dark room plus get them all on a schedule, which will help, but still no swaddle allowed. They tried the Nested Bean weighted swaddle (did nothing; that "weight" is really light?!) but currently use his Halo Sleep Sack with his arms out. Any tips that you used for your LO if they struggled with this, too, or do we just have to wait it out until he's old enough to be comfortable?