O is growing quite the head of hair. It's about 5+ inches long, but is so tightly curled it still just sits close to her head. The curls are an inch long at most when they're happy. She is bi-racial. Her hair is soft and healthy on top but very dry and brittle in back. There's still a semi-bald spot where it rubs on the car seat (she hasn't slept on her back in a long time, but it's that same bald spot). From the curl charts I think she's a mix of 3B and 3C. I'm looking for any advice on products, routine, etc. I have trouble finding something that seems to moisturize her hair without leaving it feeling sticky and heavy. It seems like products don't soak in well. I don't shampoo it very often, usually I use a "cleansing conditioner" and then a leave in conditioner.

Any ideas? Pics are her hair when dry and without products, and then after a bath with leave in conditioner in it.