DS is having a hard time transitioning to the toddler room at daycare. He was moved 2 weeks ago today. The room is 16 months-24 months and they do not allow binkys or sippy cups. He cries hard everyday at drop off, which he never did before. He also is not napping well, though that's improving. They have to hide his coat bc he just sits under his hook and cries and points to it all day. When I walk in, he's usually being held by his teacher and seems ok, but starts crying as soon as he sees me. So far, we talk about school a lot and how the day will go. When we get there, I say "it's ok to be sad and mama will be back to get you after snack. I love you" Big hug, then I hand him over and walk out.

They do allow him to have his lovey and that seems to help a bit.

His teachers are being really patient and kind about it and keep telling me it's normal, but I feel so sad for him!

Anyone else struggling with this right now? How long did it take your lo to adjust? Any other tips?