As you may recall from my other posts, we are dealing with a biter in my daughters class.

She transitioned to this toddler classroom (14-24months) the week before thanksgiving (she just completed her 5th week). In that time she has been bit 4 times by the same student and another time by another student.

I have talked to the teachers and the administration who all admit that this other child is a "problem biter". They have talked to the parents and asked the parents to bring in orajel or pacifier or anything to help. The teachers are trying to "shadow" and stay with the problem biter but obviously they have 10-14 kids in the room (with 2-3 teachers) so they can't be on this kid one on one all the time. They say before the age of two it is considered just teething or social development (aka they don't know to use their words).

How much is too much? How often do you deal with biting at this age?