Not even TTC yet, but these are the things that I think about.... I work about 45 minutes from home and LO (almost 2) goes to a daycare/preschool about 10 minutes from my office. We LOVE her school and she loves going there. When LO 2.0 comes along I will most likely take 12ish weeks off for maternity leave and then return to work sending both LO to this daycare.

So what do I do with LO 1.0 during the day while I'm home on leave? I wont be able to drive to daycare twice a day, and its no where near hubs route to work. Obvious answer would for her to stay home with me and new baby. We'd probably have to pay a deposit to hold her spot but we'd save a ton of money, which would be helpful during the unpaid portion of my leave. But I worry that she'll be so bored being away from the social aspect and routine of going to daycare. Not to mention the split of attention as I'll be caring for a newborn. The only plan i could come up with would be to have a due date in May/June and find a summer camp near our house, and arrange a lot of playdates with my teacher SIL who is home during the summer.

Anyone else deal with a similar situation?