DS is on his third daycare at a couple months shy of 3. He was at his first daycare from (6 months until nearly 2.5) and we left because he didn't seem to be thriving there. That daycare was shocked when we wanted to leave. He was only at the second daycare for a couple of months and we all decided it wasn't working because his behavioral issues that I don't think she was equipped to deal with. Now we are at an in-home preschool and every week they are telling me, essentially, what's wrong with DS (I should mention he is speech delayed and in weekly speech therapy.) Last week, it was that he is extremely immature and an "inexperienced child," so I tried to implement some changes. The week before that it was because he was really amped up one day and wouldn't listen, so I looked into his diet etc. Today, I was told he should be evaluated because he can't seem to remember or listen to simple tasks. For example, he knew what it meant to put his cup on the counter last week, but had to be told 5+ times today to do it because he couldn't seem to remember/understand. I said that his previous daycares did most things for him, so he probably just needs practice and I was told that I was "making excuses." They dont think its behavioral. They wanted me to talk to his speech therapist about it which I did.
To say this whole daycare business has been a stressful part of my life is an understatement...so, now I am sitting next to DS while he's in the bath and am crying. I don't know what to do. I feel like I have failed him. I don't know what I am looking for, but I could use some support.