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December POAS

  1. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: i believe you want all of the dye to have settled, so no pink streaks.
    I wouldn't stress about it too much. Just bd a couple days after what's close to positive and call it a day

  2. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    Catching up on the board now...

    Congrats, @ LabradorLover! It is so fun to see it written out on the test instead of interpretting lines.

    @Ms.Mermaid: I agree with MamaBear87 about the dye, which for me does work out to around 5 minutes. My tests can hover in the range of your last picture for a day or so, so I bet you're close. I test with this type of OPK twice a day, morning and after work, because I worry I'll miss a surge. Just how I work it.

  3. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    I'd love everyone's help interpreting what's going on with my cycle this month. Last week, I used cheapo OPK and Clear Blue. Cheapos were looking close, and Clear Blue was giving me high readings. I felt like I must be nearing ovulation, and that my earlier temp rise and crosshairs (which FF later removed; see earlier posts in the thread) were a fluke.

    Fast forward to now. My cheapos have not peaked—they've reversed. This morning's had a very faint line. The Clear Blue errorred out, and when I removed the test stick, it too only had a faint line. Both tests are working backward, not toward ovulation. And my CM has dried up as well.

    But here's my temp (attached). After that one-day drop, it's steadily rising. We BD every day last week because of the CB high readings, and honestly, we're both exhausted. Judging by CM and OPKs, I'd say the fertile window has passed. And a tiny part of me keeps eyeing that single-day dip and wondering, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. (I even Googled if you can have positive OPKs but be pregnant, and apparently you 100% can.) Any thoughts? If this was your cycle, what would you think?

  4. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @afc061018: i would guess by how your opks sound and that your temp is now staying above cover line that you od on cd 18

  5. Bluemasonjar

    kiwi / 699 posts

    AF appears to have shown up early this month I started spotting a little last night and there is more bright red this morning. I'm bummed even though it was only our first cycle trying I was hoping for an extra Christmas present. Good luck to everyone still in the running!

  6. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Bluemasonjar: I’m so sorry. I am envious that you can drink on Christmas and New Years. I usually treat myself to Moët in New Years Eve. Please drink one for me. I wish you so much luck next month - New Years and new babies I hope for you!!!!

  7. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    December POAS
    Any updates - please let me know!!!

    12/16– Nicollette1189
    12/21– AFC061018
    12/23– Patientlywaiting19, Math.nerd
    12/31– Ms.Mermaid
    TBD - Raspberry, Kmomartin

    Good luck this month ladies!!! :
    MrsJBeeG, LabradorLover

  8. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    @MamaBear87: I changed the settings on FF and put it on research detector. That gave me crosshairs on CD20. I'm not familiar with that detection mode and I don't know how accurate it is, but at the very least that gives me something to go by for expecting AF.

    Sorry for clogging up the board with my crazy cycle questions!

    @Bluemasonjar: So sorry!

  9. nicollette1189

    grape / 97 posts

    I POAS on Saturday to a BFN but it was only 7dpo, so very much still in the running!

  10. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @nicollette1189: absolutely! Keeping my 🤞crossed for you!

  11. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    I'm in that phase of the TWW where I count and recount how many dpo I am obsessively. Fun! (I'm probably at 9 dpo today). Trying to wait it out until at least Friday!

    I also just realized that this is probably around my 25th TWW (my first took a year and a half to stick, we tried a few times before my miscarriage last year and we're a few months into this round). Which means I've done this whole symptom spotting nonsense for nearly a YEAR of my life!!! That's bananas.

  12. LabradorLover

    apricot / 473 posts

    @afc061018: thank you!!

  13. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 657 posts

    So if my OPKs are now getting lighter, does that mean I have already ovulated and I missed the peak surge?

  14. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: I would say if the tests are fading, then you're leaving your fertile window. You could also keep an eye on your CM too. As for peak surge, depending on your BD, you may have missed it with testing but not with BD, which is what counts!

  15. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: i agree and as long as you've been bding I wouldn't worry about missing the peak surge on your strips.

  16. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 657 posts

    Wait. Wait. I had two days of high readings, two days of faint readings, and then this. This is what a positive OPK is supposed to look like, right?

    Also ugh I’m so tired.

  17. crazydoglady

    persimmon / 1461 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: Yes, ma'am! Go get busy!

  18. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: that definitely looks positive to me. Hope you are able to fit in some BD.

  19. LabradorLover

    apricot / 473 posts

    @Ms.Mermaid: The joys of ttc! Get busy, lady!!

  20. nicollette1189

    grape / 97 posts

    2 more BFNs at 12 and 13 DPO, no more testing unless AF doesn't come

  21. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @nicollette1189: boo. I'm with you. BFN yesterday at 11dpo. Just waiting for AF. Pretty sure she's on her way -- yesterday I was in such a sour mood allllll day, just like i always am one or two days before my period starts. I literally curled up in a ball on the couch at one point and said to my husband, "if this isn't proof that i'm getting my period in two days, I don't know what is!"

  22. nicollette1189

    grape / 97 posts

    @math.nerd: Ugh, I just want to get it over with and start again next month!

  23. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @nicollette1189: Right??! Last month my period came TWO WEEKS LATE. I was for sure not pregnant and just waiting. it. was. the. worst.

    And, of course, with that I was worried that I'm going through menopause and my eggs are dying and on and on... fun! Here's to timely periods!

  24. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    Hello ladies. December is my 4th month trying for baby no. 2.
    I'm wanting advice about when I should take a test? I'm on vacation away from stores and only bought one FRER with me!
    My period started on 30 nov. Pretty sure I ovulated on 14 Dec. We BD the day before and day after. I have zero symptoms! What day should I test?

  25. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @EmmaNZ: how long is your cycle generally? If I only had one test I'd wait until I was at least a few days late before testing

  26. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    Recently 28-30 days.... yeah it's no fun seeing negative tests, so I think I will wait. So hard to wait!

  27. MamaBear87

    nectarine / 2018 posts

    @EmmaNZ: oh it's the worst trying to wait until you're late! My body has been crazy since we started trying and was late last month with no bfp 😝

  28. Kmomartin

    grape / 77 posts

    Rolling over to the January board- good luck to the rest of y’all waiting for news!

  29. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 657 posts

    So last night I had a ton of O pain (like, could barely walk); also had a second positive OPK. My app is saying that means my ovulation date is today. I couldn’t do anything last night because I was in so much pain; is it worth giving it a last shot tonight or should I call it good? If today is O date, then we hit O-2 and O-3.

  30. EmmaNZ

    olive / 55 posts

    Yes ms mermaid do it tonight! Catch that egg

  31. afc061018

    apricot / 301 posts

    I'm out. Moving over to January. Good luck to those of you still in it!

  32. Raspberry

    kiwi / 567 posts

    Same, CD1 today. Congrats to the new expecting mothers from this month!

  33. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @Raspberry: @afc061018: sorry to see the news ladies. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a successful January cycle to start the new year!!!

  34. nicollette1189

    grape / 97 posts

    I'm out! AF came two days early ...

  35. LabradorLover

    apricot / 473 posts

    @afc061018: @Raspberry: @nicollette1189: I’m sorry to see this but hoping the new year brings you all good luck!!

  36. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    Welp, I'm so surprised to say that I got a BFP on the 23rd! It was soooo faint on the cheapie. The next morning I tested with a FRER and it was a strong positive.

    I know that this is super early and anything can happen. (I lost my last pregnancy at 11 weeks and my son was born at 31 weeks), so I'm pretty apprehensive, but trying to stay excited!

    Hope there are some other year end positives! and good luck to anyone headed to the January boards!

  37. MrsJBeeG

    kiwi / 537 posts

    @math.nerd: congrats!!!!! Such awesome news at Christmas time.

  38. LabradorLover

    apricot / 473 posts

    @math.nerd: congrats to you!!

  39. Ms.Mermaid

    kiwi / 657 posts

    I cannot figure out what is going on. I'm still having pretty serious cramping similar to my mid-cycle pain. Based on my OPKs, I'm something like 6 DPO, which I guess could make this implantation pain? But it's pretty high up, like feels like it is still in the tubes. ...Are the ovaries just a lot closer to the uterus than I think they are?

  40. math.nerd

    apricot / 251 posts

    @LabradorLover: Thank you!! Fingers crossed @Ms.Mermaid: Not that this means much, but I also had some weird cramping about a week after O - so much so that I noted it down, which I rarely do. So, it could be a good sign!

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