Hey guys, this seems like kind of an odd place to post this but I've gotten great advice here in the past. I posted a few months ago asking about things I should get out of the way before TTC and one suggestion was go to the dentist, which was a great reminder! My last cleaning was about a year ago, they didn't record any issues then and in fact the hygienist told me that my teeth look great. I've never had a cavity before in my life, I brush twice a day, don't drink soda or eat many sweets, etc. I had been going to this same dentist for years, but we've moved so I found a new one in the area that had decent reviews and was close to my house.

So today I went in for my cleaning and the dentist told me I had SIX cavities, and was also recommending extractions and implants. I was totally floored and am honestly super upset. I have dental insurance, so the cost won't be outrageous, but I have such a hard time believing that I could go from no cavities to 6 in the space of a year. I feel like I should get a second opinion, but I'm feeling really overwhelmed because my work schedule is crazy and kind of unpredictable right now. I also obviously don't want to put this off if I do actually have all these cavities! Does anyone have any advice/commiseration?