Tomorrow is my evaluation for DR with a physical therapist. LO is 2+ y.o. so I’ve waited a long time. I also had a cs and have a “shelf” which is made all the worse by the DR belly. This after having a very cute belly my whole life. Please no guilt or “hey, you had a baby!” because it’s not super helpful right now.

Anyway I’m nervous and would love to hear other bees with stories about how much of their tummy they got back after PT. I just don’t know what my expectation is but I’m worried I’ll need a tummy tuck even after PT to look normal. I currently have petite shoulders, no boobs and this embarrassing bulging tummy so it would be a positive outcome to have natural curves. Hoping PT can get me there.

I also have a host of other hip and pelvic floor issues that I’ll be working on...they were kind of troublesome before being pregnant, but became so much worse. I also understand that DR and hip/pelvic instability can be exacerbated by cs and that would add up for me.

Anyway some hard-won but good DR or body recovery stories would help. Thanks bees!