Hello everyone! So I just wanted your opinion on this matter. I have an 8 year old son on the spectrum and he receives occupational and speech therapy. We've been going to the same therapy center since he was four, but decided that we wanted to change facilities. They recently changed management and made many changes that just don't fit our son's needs. On top of that all his old therapist have also left due to changes made. Anyway, the new place we want to take him to is closer to home but there is a bit of a waiting list. We are also expecting our third child. My husband thinks we should discontinue therapy at our current location the month before my due date and take three months off before going to the new place. He thinks it would be a good time to adjust as a new family of five and give us all some needed down time. It sounds great to me, but I can't help but to feel guilty like I'm somehow messing something up for my son. If you were in my shoes would you have your son take a break? Do you think it would hurt him in some way?