Hello to the TTC community on Hellobee,

I've been reading the TTC boards for a few weeks now, finding the words of others so comforting as I approach my 14th month of trying to conceive. I thought it was time to introduce myself and join in on the conversations.

I'm at a point in the process where I've become so overwhelmed with the monthly rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts that I don't know how to process it all.

- I am 33 years old, and will turn 34 in three months.
- I'm approaching the end of my 14th month of TTC, and my temperature dropped this morning.
- I have been using the CBEFM for 11 months
- Charting for 7 months
- I have started to make the calls to my insurance to understand the fertility coverage, and I have an appointment with an RE in another month.

In order to reset, and try to mentally prepare myself for the next steps I feel like I should just take a month off. But how is that even possible? I know one way would be to abstain from sex, but that's no fun. Maybe not taking my temperature would help the insanity, but I like having the knowledge of my cycle (it can range from 28-32 days, and I hate when it "surprises" me and I ruin my sheets :(. And if I stop using the CBEFM then I lose the consistent information in the machine, right?

Any other ideas for how to get my head on straight before diving into all of the tests, and accepting the sadness I feel that it will no longer be just my husband and I in this TTC process?