I'm looking to get feedback from people who have done Disney Cruises ... we've done WDW pretty much annually and love it but I'm thinking it might be fun to try something new. An all inclusive with young kids has absolutely zero interest to me, but a cruise sounds fun. Considering how much we love Disney I'm starting to look into Disney Cruises.

My DDs would be 3.5 and 5.5 when we went. I'm wondering if my 3.5 yo would have as much fun or if it would be better to wait until she was a bit older.

My other question is what length is best? We are considering doing a 3 or 4 night cruise followed by a few days at WDW to see if we like the cruise. But I've heard that the short Cruises fly by and you don't really get to experience much, in which case it's better to do 7 nights.

My last question is did you get seasick? That's Dh's #1 concern, that we will all be miserable and sick and not able to enjoy our vacation.