In short: Are there any of you that is not planning to, or is not going to Disney World / Disneyland, and why?

(Or maybe you opt to go ONLY on Disney cruise, not Disney World/Land, please elaborate too)

My friend and I both have 6 year old boys and the two boys have been playmates since they were born. Both of us are well traveled, and both of us are not fans of Disney. It is because everyone, I mean EVERYONE, take their children to Disney, we felt obligated we have to take them. To "lessen the pain", we planned to go together (once, and will never go again lol).

At first we were going to go Thanksgiving 2018 (we decided it LAST YEAR). Something in us that we both procrastinated, and procrastinated, and we just didn't like to talk about it. Then we (I) heard from everybody that Thanksgiving is the absolute worst time to go. I told her about that. In my mind I braced for it I must go through torture, but we have to go.

We finally made a point to have a mom-only dinner, but for 3 hours, my friend was just listing out why we shouldn't go. It is true: The boys are probably going to be excited because they are sharing the same room and having a multi-day sleepover for the first time. They don't even watch that much TV, so Disney is probably not the main reason why they are excited. In fact, it will be miserable to go because it will be so crowded. On top of that, why do we want to give them a prepackaged experience just because everyone *has* to go?

She said that when she went as a kid, she hated the experience. It was very crowded and hot. Her siblings and her all threw up when they were under a tunnel in line for a ride. The happiest time was when they get to leave the park and go back to the hotel and hang by the pool.

DH, DS and I did the Disney cruise a month ago and we loved it. Now my friend wanted to see if we can go on the cruise instead and forget about Disney Theme Parks altogether. She asked me what's the difference between the cruise and the park, I said, well, there is no castle, no crowd, and no ride. lol

Long story short, I don't know where we are right now. I think we are pushing it to early March 2019. But we are again in procrastination.

So I don't know. The reason I feel that I have to take DS to Disney World because EVERYONE goes, and I cannot handle the responsibility of "my mom never took me to Disney" when DS grows up. DH also advocate for NOT going to Disney world ever, but I am very perplexed.

Any thoughts? If you haven't been to Disney as a child, did you regret your parents didn't take you? Or, how was your experience when you went as a child?