Another Disney thread

I’m having fun reading through the Disney threads here! After doing pricing research, I’m pretty sure we will stay offsite at a condo resort but it seems like most discussions here focus on staying onsite. I’d love to hear from people who have stayed offsite!

Any tips or hints for offsite trips? Is driving/parking a total pain, or not really a big deal?

Does anyone have any favorite offsite resorts? We are looking at the Sheraton Vistana resorts through Costco, and some of the Marriott Vacation Clubs, but are open to other ideas. Maybe the Swan/Dolphin if we can get a good price on a suite?? We’ve done a few overnights in a regular hotel room, but for week long vacations, we really love condo style resorts with a separate bedroom for early toddler bedtimes/naps. And laundry. I never knew how much I would love having a washing machine on vacation until I had kids but maybe we’d be ok with giving some of that up in order to walk to Epcot??